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Q. What is MICRO Nail?

A. MICRO Nail is a new, innovative nail care product that buffs, smoothes and shines nails in seconds. The MICRO Nail has two unique rollers: the MICRO Smooth Roller, which instantly smoothes away ridges and the MICRO Shine Roller, which gives a rapid shine to your nails. After using the MICRO Nail your nails will have a naturally beautiful shine.

Q. How do you use the device?

A. Before using your Emjoi® MICRO Nail, please read the instruction booklet fully. If you have misplaced your booklet please click here. Make sure you remove the safety lock sticker on the device and the protective cover from the rollers before use.

Q. What comes with the MICRO Nail device?

A. When you purchase a MICRO Nail device the following are in the carton: 1 x MICRO Nail device with a MICRO Smooth Roller mounted to the device, 1 x MICRO Smooth Roller, 2 MICRO Shine Rollers, 1 x String pouch, 2 x AA Batteries, 1 x Information booklet.

Q. Is there anyone who cannot use the MICRO Nail device?

A. This device is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, unless they are supervised by an appropriate adult. Children as their nails would not be completely formed and permanent damage could be caused. If you have any skin conditions or other medical issues please contact your doctor prior to use.

Q. Where can I buy replacement rollers?

A. Replacement rollers can be bought online at micronailyournails.com and in store. Make sure you remove the protective cover from the rollers before use.

Q. How many rollers come in a MICRO Smooth & Shine Replacement Roller pack?

A. This pack contains two MICRO Smooth Rollers and two MICRO Shine Rollers.

Q. How long will the MICRO Smooth Roller last?

A. The roller will last approximately two months; this varies from user to user. This roller can be used as required to enhance shine. Replace the roller once it is no longer found effective.

Q. How long will the MICRO Shine Roller last?

A. The MICRO Shine Roller is white in colour and is used to give a natural shine to the nail. Use this roller for 2 seconds per nail.

Q. Can I use other rollers with the MICRO Nail device?

A. No, only Emjoi® MICRO Smooth & Shine Rollers can be used with the MICRO Nail device.

Q. Is the MICRO Nail device recyclable?

A. Yes, if and when the time comes, you may recycle the product or alternatively send it back to us. We are registered with WEE and are therefore legally obliged to. Our ref number is WEE/FH2757ZW.

Q. Is there a warranty with the MICRO Nail device?

A. Yes there is a two year warranty from the date of purchase on the MICRO Nail device. Keep original receipt for warranty service. During this warranty period, return the product to L2G Canada Health & Beauty, with proof of purchase to the following address: 

Attention: MICRO nail
c/o Positive Fulfillment Services Ltd.
2050 Codlin Cres., Unit 3
Toronto, ON M9W 7J2

Important: This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accidents, misuse, alterations, abuse and lack of reasonable care or use other than that described in these instructions, or performance of services or repairs by an unauthorised service centre.